Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM Captain America Horror On The Highway 12    
12:15 AM The Man Behind the Mask 1936 58 Nick Barclay is assaulted on the night he is to elope from a masked ball with June Slade by a masked man who takes his place. The Man Behind the Mask (1936) on IMDb  
1:12 AM Lights Out The Fonceville Curse    
1:38 AM Shadow of China Town The Avenging Powers 15    
1:58 AM 4D Man 1959 58 Two scientists develop an amplifier which enables a person to pass through any object.  4D Man 
(1959) on IMDb  
3:24 AM Follow that Man Missing Cadet    
3:51 AM Rim Of The Canyon 1949 62 Gene Autry's horse "Champion"is stolen by escaped convicts Rim of the Canyon (1949) on IMDb  
5:01 AM Follow That Man Free Ride    
5:29 AM Riders of the Timberline 1941 67 Hopalong Cassidy and Johnny Nelson ride to the mountains to help a man and his daughter save their logging business from someone who is sabotaging their efforts.  Riders of the Timberline 
(1941) on IMDb
6:25 AM NASA Comp 14    
6:39 AM Gabby Fire Cheese    
6:47 AM Puppetry String Marionette    
6:58 AM Yodeling Yokels    
7:07 AM Water in the Air 1949 EDU    
7:17 AM Porky Joe Glow The Firefly    
7:30 AM Annie Oakley Makes a Marriage    
7:57 AM Robin Hood Coming Of Robinhood    
8:23 AM The Adventures of Champion The Medicine Man Mystery    
8:52 AM Roy Rogers Show Ginger Horse 56    
9:22 AM Submarine Alert 1943 55 Nazi spies use a stolen shortwave transmitter prototype to broadcast top secret shipping info to an offshore Japanese sub.  Submarine Alert 
(1943) on IMDb
10:29 AM Ozzie and Harriet The Fruit Cake    
10:56 AM Dating Do's    
11:09 AM Topper Hits the Road    
11:38 AM The Black Abbot 1934 51 A gang of crooks uses the legend of a ghost haunting an old dark mansion to help them kidnap a rich man. The Black Abbot (1934) on IMDb  
12:32 PM Mr.and Mrs. North Target    
1:00 PM 26Men The Wild Bunch    
1:26 PM Topper Goes West    
1:52 PM Enter The Lone Ranger 1949 81 The sole surviving Texas Ranger of a murderous ambush, becomes the great masked hero with his companion, Tonto.  Enter the Lone Ranger 
(1949) on IMDb
3:02 PM Sky King Bullet Bait    
3:30 PM Battleground St. Vith Pt II    
3:55 PM Captain America Horror On The Highway 12    
4:18 PM Cardboard Cavalier 1949 65 A British peasant becomes party to a plot to overthrow Cromwell and return Charles II to the throne.  Cardboard Cavalier 
(1949) on IMDb
5:51 PM Have Gun Will Travel    
6:18 PM Silent Service The Final War Patrol    
6:44 PM Shadow of China Town The Avenging Powers 15    
7:06 PM Midnight Episode 1950 66 A street performer becomes involved with a mysterious murder, and the killer is now after him Midnight Episode (1950) on IMDb  
8:24 PM Wire Service Chicago Exclusive    
9:27 PM Climbing High 1938 66 A titled gold-digging Lady schemes to marry a wealthy businessman.  Climbing High 
(1938) on IMDb
10:44 PM The Painted Stallion Valley of Death 5    
11:03 PM Shadow Valley 1947 66 Outlaws discover gold on the Jarvis ranch and kill the owner, hoping that the young daughter will sell the ranch cheap.  Shadow Valley 
(1947) on IMDb

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