NOTE: The schedule you see on Comcast, and even our online schedule, differ slightly from what airs. The service that provides Comcast's [and other provider's schedules] does not publish anything under 8-minutes [it is cut out of all schedules]. Shorts and cartoons throw off the times; we are trying to work with the providers to make allowances for the short items.

Week of April 19th

Start time Title  
12:00 AM Conquest of Space 1955 59 A captain, his son, a sergeant and crew take off from a space station in a rocketship for Mars.
1:20 AM Hawk of the Wilderness 06  
1:37 AM Brideless Groom 1947 69 To inherit a fortune, voice teacher Shemp must marry before six o'clock, 
1:54 AM Gang Busters 3  
2:15 AM Aces Wild 1936 73 A retired Marshall encounters an old enemy when he rides into Durango
3:11 AM Betty Boop Bimbo in the Robot  
3:18 AM Here Comes Trouble 1948 56 A newspaper publisher and his ace reporter try to solve the murder of a blackmailing stripper.
4:10 AM Humpty Dumpty  
4:17 AM Undercover Men 1934 69 A man attempts to regain his honor after behaving like a coward when the bank where he worked as a teller was robbed by bad guys.
5:22 AM Algiers 1938 69 Beautiful Gaby meets a romantic jewel thief in the mysterious Casbah.
7:02 AM Flying Machines  
7:31 AM Guns of the Law 1944 58 The 11th in the series of 14 "Texas Rangers" westerns from P.R.C. 
8:25 AM Betty Boop The Impractical Joker  
8:32 AM The Brighton Strangler 1945 64 An actor acquires the homicidal tendencies of his stage character after suffering a concussion in a London air raid.
9:36 AM Casper A Haunting We Will Go 1949  
9:45 AM Pecks Bad Boy 1934 70 Bill plans to, and tries to be good, but the arrival of his cousin Horace upsets the plans.
10:53 AM Winter Draws On  
11:56 AM The Drama of Steel  
12:36 PM Ticket to a Crime 1934 54 A private eye and a lawman investigate a murder and $50,000 in stolen pearls.
1:40 PM Betty Boop Taking The Blame  
1:48 PM Heartbeat 1946 59 A bad-girl is recruited by a gang of pick-pockets but falls in love with an intended victim.
3:28 PM Betty Boop Bimbo in the Robot  
3:35 PM The Seaport  
3:56 PM One of Our Aircraft is Missing 1942 72 A bomber crew are forced down over Holland and are helped by the Dutch escape back to England.   
5:35 PM Betty Boop The Impractical Joker  
5:42 PM The Wonderful World of Pan Am Jets  
6:06 PM Little Friend 1934 69 A girl becomes an unwilling witness in her parents' scandalous divorce case.
7:23 PM The Lost Planet 07  
7:44 PM Spellbound 1941 77 Unable to forget his late lover, he attempts to contact her spirit by holding a seance. 
9:07 PM Daughter of Don Q 07  
9:20 PM Lady in Distress- A Window in London 1940 69 A passerby witnesses a murder through the windows of a passing train.
10:34 PM Daughter of Don Q 12  
10:48 PM Not Of This Earth 1957 64 A crashed spaceship unleashes a rapidly growing monster from Venus.

Start time Title  
12:00 AM Colorado Sundown 1952 61 A rancher aims to help a friend keep his inheritance, only to find himself accused of murder.
1:07 AM Desperadoes of the West 07  
1:20 AM Tales Of Tomorrow Time To Go  
1:44 AM Suicide Squad 1935 60 A rescue-patrol leader and his men brave daily disasters in a major city.
2:42 AM Don Daredevil Rides Again 07  
2:56 AM War In The Pacific Navy Holds 1942  
3:22 AM Five Minutes to Love 1963 42 Harry is a junkyard owner who runs a profitable car theft operation on the side. 
4:40 AM Flash Gordon The Claim Jumpers  
5:06 AM War Dogs 1942 55 Trained by the military, a crafty canine protects a defense plant from saboteurs.
6:11 AM A Family of Amsterdam  
6:29 AM Pineapple Culture  
6:41 AM Felix the Cat Felix in Fairyland 1923  
6:56 AM Dog Face A Mutt In A Rut  
7:04 AM Kids In The Shoe  
7:11 AM Cowboy G Men Rawhiders  
7:37 AM Northwest Passage The Secret of the Cliff  
8:03 AM Space Patrol Thormanoids  
8:20 AM Robin Hood Goldmaker  
8:54 AM Those Were the Days 1934 63 An upstanding judge marries a woman whom he believes is much younger than she really is. 
10:12 AM Ramar of the Jungle The Flaming Mountain  
10:38 AM Brooklyn Goes to San Francisco  
10:48 AM Richard Diamond Venus Of Park Avenue  
11:16 AM Tokyo File 212 1951 60 An Army agent meets a shady woman while posing as a writer to hunt communists in Tokyo.
12:40 PM Racket Squad Take A Little Leave A Little  
1:11 PM Corregidor 1943 55 Two doctors woo a colleague in an underground World War II hospital in the Philippines.
2:22 PM Ozzie and Harriet The Space Age  
2:47 PM The Helicopter  
2:57 PM Superman Volcano  
3:05 PM Passport To Danger Geneva 06  
3:38 PM Mambo 1954 61 A young,poor Venetian woman is struggling with a difficult life as a shop assistant until her prince shows up. 
5:12 PM Confusions Of A Nutzy Spy  
5:20 PM Star Performance End of the Line  
5:46 PM Don Winslow of the Navy 7  
6:09 PM Sherlock Holmes Pearl of Death 1944 72 Sherlock Holmes investigates the link between a stolen pearl and a series of murders.
7:18 PM Danger Man A Date with Doris  
8:09 PM Fighting Marines Jungle Terrors 7  
8:34 PM The Small Back Room 1949 75  A brilliant but tormented bomb expert will have to disarm explosive booby-traps.
10:17 PM Flying Disc Man from Mars Chapter 05  
10:32 PM Thunder in the City 1937 64 An American in London helps a broke duke sell a so-called miracle metal to a financier.

Start time Title  
12:00 AM Ambush Valley 1936 47 A marshal tries to prevent a war between cattle ranchers and homesteaders.
12:48 AM Desperadoes of the West 08  
1:02 AM Victory At Sea The Pacific Boils Over  
1:29 AM The Fly 1958 70 A scientist unwittingly shares his machine with a common housefly, he turns into a hideous hybrid of man and insect. 
3:03 AM Don Daredevil Rides Again 08  
3:17 AM Ramar of the Jungle The Croc God of Daa  
3:43 AM Dead People 1973 63 Beware when the moon drips blood! Carnivorous zombies will prowl the night! 
5:13 AM Lawless Years Framed 12  
5:39 AM Breaking the Ice 1938 54 A boy flees to Philadelphia and sings at an ice rink to raise money for his widowed mother.
7:00 AM Goldilocks and the Three Bears  
7:11 AM Japanese Boy the Story of Taro  
7:31 AM Santas Suprise  
7:39 AM A Close Call  
7:47 AM Little Audery Goofy Goofy Gander  
7:55 AM Robin Hood The Golmakers Return  
8:20 AM Sergeant Preston Skagway Secret  
8:47 AM Fireball XL5 17 Wing of Danger  
9:12 AM Howdy Doody Jan 6 1953  
9:43 AM Red Lights Ahead 1936 53 An ardent member of Whales, is offered a chance to invest $5,000 in a gold mine 
10:51 AM Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts Meet Mrs Drysdale  
11:16 AM News Reel Magazine 5 1950  
11:35 AM The Peoples Choice An Adventure of Sock  
12:03 PM Great Day 1945 64 An English veteran's wife and daughter prepare for Eleanor Roosevelt's visit to their village.
1:20 PM Juke Box Jury 01  
1:47 PM Betty Boop Rise to Fame  
1:56 PM Trouble with Father Thank You Mr Jarvis  
2:26 PM Streamline Express 1935 60 An actress, an eloper, a producer and a drunk liven up a coast-to-coast train.
3:37 PM Ozzie and Harriet The Gay Blade  
4:02 PM LooneyToons Sinkin In TheBathtub  
4:10 PM Roads to Romance 2  
4:16 PM Mr.and Mrs. North Breakout  
4:44 PM High Lonesome 1950 53 When a sudden spurt of murders occurs in the Big Bend country, suspicion immediately falls on a young drifter.
6:05 PM Hancock 04 The New Nose  
6:40 PM Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts Strike Oil  
7:06 PM Don Winslow of the Navy 8  
7:32 PM Nancy Drew Reporter 1939 66 A teen-aged sleuth sets out to prove a young girl innocent of murder charges.
8:41 PM Danger Man The Black Book  
9:32 PM Fighting Marines Siege of Halfway Island 8  
9:51 PM Woman Unafraid 1934 63 After putting away a gangster, a policewoman tries to turn around the lives of several young women with shady pasts.
10:47 PM Flying Disc Man from Mars Chapter 06  
11:03 PM Law of the West 1932 59 For revenge the outlaw Morgan steals the Carruthers young son. 

Start time Title  
12:00 AM Santa Fe Trail 1940 61 Romantic rivals get caught in the battle to stop abolitionist John Brown.
1:49 AM Desperadoes of the West 09  
2:03 AM Follow That Man Free Ride  
2:30 AM She Gods Of Shark Reef 1958 53 Two brothers are marooned with pearl-diving Polynesian beauties.
3:34 AM Don Daredevil Rides Again 09  
3:47 AM Fractured Flickers 01B  
4:15 AM Stolen Paradise 1940 27 A story about a young Catholic boy destined for Priesthood who falls in love with his step-sister.
5:38 AM One Step Beyond The Trap  
6:03 AM Wake Me When the War is Over 1969 54 A baroness hides an American pilot and keeps him in the dark about World War II.
7:17 AM Journey to Bananaland  
7:39 AM Keeping Clean and Neat  
7:49 AM Mother Gooze  
8:05 AM Felix Two Lip Time No Audio  
8:15 AM Clutch Cargo Global Test Flight  
8:37 AM UltraMan 04  
9:03 AM Buccaneers Hand Of The Hawk  
9:28 AM Fireball XL5 18 The Triads  
9:53 AM Howdy Doody Nov1 1951  
10:24 AM Blazing Justice 1936 55 A cowboy captures two rustlers and collects a $5000 reward and winds up getting accused of a murder he didn't commit.
11:19 AM You bet your Life Chair  
11:48 AM The Phantom Empire  
11:54 AM Back Room Boy 1942 56 A lowly BBC employee pulls a prank at the studio and finds himself transferred to an isolated island.
1:13 PM The Lucy Show Lucy Meets The Law  
1:39 PM South Dakota 1940 Pt2  
1:58 PM I Killed That Man 1941 57 A gang of criminals steal a super-weapon developed by a famous inventor. 
3:09 PM Pigs In A Polka  
3:17 PM Ramar Of The Jungle The Unkown Terror  
3:43 PM Space Policeman 1965  
3:56 PM Johnny One Eye 1950 59 Two former partners-in-crime turn on each other when a new district attorney starts investigating an unsolved murder. 
5:14 PM Ozzie and Harriet Mystery Shopper  
5:39 PM TexAvery 1949 Doggone Tired  
5:47 PM Sergeant Preston Trapped  
6:12 PM Don Winslow of the Navy 9  
6:39 PM The Mexicali Kid 1938 54 A cowhand out to get revenge, teams up with the infamous outlaw the Mexicali Kid.
7:30 PM The Avengers The Murder Market  
8:22 PM Mild West  
8:29 PM Shadow Squad Missing Cheese 02  
8:55 PM Fighting Marines Death From the Sky 9  
9:15 PM The House of Rothschild 1934 68 The story of the rise of the Rothschild financial empire founded by Mayer Rothschild and continued by his five sons. 
10:42 PM Flying Disc Man from Mars Chapter 07  
10:58 PM Take Me Back to Oklahoma 1940 60 Tex Lawton helps save a stagecoach line from being destroyed by an underhanded competitor.

Start time Title  
12:00 AM Code of the Cactus 1939 58 Gangsters from Chicago discover that there is good money in rustling cattle with big trucks
12:57 AM Desperadoes of the West 10  
1:10 AM Decoy The First Arrest  
1:37 AM The Wrong Road 1937 49 After being released from jail, a young couple search for their stolen loot so they can start a new life.
2:30 AM Don Daredevil Rides Again 10  
2:44 AM Lights Out Perchance To Dream  
3:05 AM Mesa Of Lost Women 1953 23 A mad scientist attempts to create a race of super-women by injecting them with the life-fluids of insects.
4:14 AM Lock Up Top Secret  
4:41 AM Cleopatra's Daughter 1960 50 Set in ancient Egypt, the second Pharoah of the fourth dynasty. There is scheming for the inheritance of the empire,
6:11 AM NASA Connect Dancing in the Night Sky  
6:40 AM WindJammers  
6:50 AM Tiny Tot Little Bird Told Me  
7:00 AM Superman  
7:11 AM Case Of The Missing Hare  
7:19 AM Buccaneers Instrunent Of War  
7:44 AM Gabby Hays Show Telescope  
8:10 AM CGM GypsyTraders  
8:36 AM Inside Magoo  
8:51 AM Cisco Kid Lynching Story  
9:21 AM The Time of your Life 1948 62 A philosophical drunk encourages his friends to live their dreams to the hilt. 
11:02 AM Make Room for Daddy 1955 09 20  
11:30 AM Tangled Destinies 1932 63 After an airliner makes a forced landing at night in the desert, the passengers take refuge in a large unoccupied house.
12:27 PM Beverly Hillbillies The Race For Queen  
12:56 PM Mush and Milk 1933 74 When Cap's back pension finally comes in, he treats the gang to a day at an amusement park.
1:15 PM Red Skelton Humphrey School Of Dramatic Arts  
1:47 PM Song Of Arizona 1946 57 Roy is trying to help save Gabby's ranch for wayward boys. 
2:40 PM Captain Gallant Revenge 06  
3:05 PM Hats Off 1936 64 A secretary flaunts her relationship with an elegant boastful ladies man not realizing that her employer is in love with her. 
4:06 PM Beverly Hillbillies Jethros First Love  
4:31 PM Betty Boop Bamboo Isle  
4:40 PM Dial 999 50,000 Hands  
5:05 PM Don Winslow of the Navy 10  
5:33 PM The Way Ahead 1944 70 A group of conscripts are called up into the infantry during WWII. 
7:24 PM Passport To Danger Sofia 04  
7:50 PM Sudden Fried Chicken  
7:57 PM ArmChair Theatre The Criminals  
8:58 PM Fighting Marines Wheels of Destruction 10  
9:16 PM Front Page Story 1954 67 An editor of a London newspaper, has planned a vacation with his wife but stays behind at the last moment due to his hunch that a hot story is going to break.
10:51 PM Flying Disc Man from Mars Chapter 08  
11:06 PM Sunset on the Desert 1942 63 Roy goes undercover to pin the goods on the bad guys.

Start time Title  
12:00 AM Good Morning Boys 1937 69 The headmaster of a boys school unwittingly helps an escaped convict steal the Mona Lisa.
1:15 AM Desperadoes of the West 11  
1:28 AM Victory At Sea Target Suribachi  
1:56 AM Bill Cracks Down 1937 53 A steel mill worker will inherit the business if he can straighten out his late boss's reprehensible son 
2:50 AM Don Daredevil Rides Again 11  
3:03 AM Lock Up The Case Of Dan Gray  
3:27 AM High School Caesar 1960 47 A small Midwestern school turns violent when an unscrupulous student uses gangland tactics on his classmates.
4:38 AM Battleground WWII The Grey Geese  
5:04 AM King of the Newsboys 1938 50 A big talker builds a New York trucking empire after his girlfriend dumps him for a bookie.
6:13 AM Living in Space  
6:28 AM Weather Satellites  
6:42 AM Investigating Hibernation  
7:01 AM BoskoThe Doughboy  
7:09 AM Herman The Hen Pecked Rooster  
7:16 AM Felix the Cat Felix Minds the Kid 1922  
7:25 AM Flash Gordon Palace Of Peril  
7:46 AM CGM SecretMission  
8:13 AM Long John Silver The Necklace  
8:39 AM Robin Hood Little Mother  
9:04 AM The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot Roman Wall  
9:37 AM The Over the Hill Gang 1969 59 Four old retired Texas Rangers help clean up a small Nevada town run by a crooked Mayor. 
10:48 AM Soupy Sales Show  
11:14 AM Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon 1964 41 Hercules fights to free the people of Babylon from an evil sorceress. 
12:40 PM Roy Rogers Show Mayor of Ghost Town 50  
1:06 PM Howdy Doody Oct 1 1952  
1:32 PM Glad Rags to Riches  
1:47 PM Black Tights 1961 65 Live scenes of Paris and a continuity Narrator link together four dramatic choreographies.
3:52 PM The Lawless Years The Lion And The Mouse  
4:21 PM The Silent Passenger 1935 58 A man is accused of killing the blackmailing scoundrel who is running away with the man's wife.
5:15 PM Greedy Humpty Dumpty  
5:23 PM Dragnet The Human Bomb  
5:49 PM The Avengers The Town of No Return  
6:41 PM Don Winslow of the Navy 11  
7:05 PM Law of the Sea 1931 61 A sadistic, evil ship captain lusts after a beautiful young girl whom has ties to a rival captain.
8:06 PM Noveltoons Much Ado about Mutton 1947  
8:14 PM Danger Man Fish on the Hook  
9:05 PM Fighting Marines Behind the Mask 11  
9:26 PM The Man Who Cheated Himself 1950 69 A woman in the process of divorce shoots her husband and gets her police lieutenant boyfriend to help hide the body.
10:46 PM Flying Disc Man from Mars Chapter 09  
11:02 PM Son of the Renegade 1952 67 He Vowed To Clear His Name Or Die Trying! 

Start time Title  
12:00 AM We Dive at Dawn 1943 67  A British sub's pursuit of a German battleship leaves it stranded in enemy waters.
1:33 AM Daughter of Don Q 04  
1:47 AM Man With A Camera Profile Of A Killer  
2:13 AM La Ciociara Two Women 1960 77 A widow tries to get her daughter to safety in World War II Italy.
3:53 AM Fighting Devil Dogs Chapter 08  
4:08 AM Ozzie and Harriet Lending Money To Wally  
4:34 AM Navy Blues 1929 68 A sailor on leave falls for a dance-hall girl.
5:42 AM Battleground WWII Tokyo  
6:10 AM Delayed Action 1954 54 A pair of con men convince a suicidal man to trade his life for a bit of cash for his daughter.
7:08 AM Midwest Heartland of the Nation  
7:33 AM Betty Boop and the Old Man of the Mountain  
7:41 AM To Duck or Not to Duck  
7:49 AM Betty Boop Pudgy Takes A Bow Wow  
7:55 AM Porkys Pooch  
8:03 AM Felix the Cat Felix in Fairyland 1923  
8:13 AM Little Brown Jug  
8:21 AM Hudsons Bay Crees  
8:48 AM Betty Boop and the Little King  
8:55 AM Pathe News Magazine 1936  
9:08 AM Cisco Kid Jar Jellies  
9:34 AM Popeye Me Feelins Is Hurt  
9:41 AM CGM HangTheJury  
10:08 AM Betty Boop House Cleaning Blues  
10:15 AM Robin Hood The Knight Who Came To Dinner  
10:40 AM Boskos Congo Jazz  
10:47 AM Gabby Hayes Show 01 Swordfish  
11:18 AM Clipped Wings 1937 59 Two flying brothers get involved with oil smuggling from Mexico to Texas.
12:20 PM Fin N Catty  
12:27 PM The Lucy Show Lucy Gets Jack Bennys Account  
12:53 PM Detour 1945 74 Chance events trap hitch-hiker Al Roberts in a tightening net of Film Noir trouble. 
2:01 PM Nicky Nome The Prince & The Pauper  
2:10 PM Terry And The Pirates Chinese Coffin 13  
2:42 PM Billy the Kid in Santa Fe 1941 58 Billy the Kid is framed for murder. 
3:46 PM Ozzie and Harriet The Banjo Player  
4:11 PM Super Man Showdown  
4:19 PM Meet Corliss Archer Pain In The Neck  
4:47 PM Amazing Mr X 1948 66 A widow questions her sanity after hearing the voice of her dead husband. 
6:05 PM A Kick In Time  
6:13 PM Beverly Hillbillies Christmas At The Clampetts  
6:38 PM Government Agents Vs Phantom Legion 10  
6:57 PM My Man Godfrey 1936 81 A zany heiress tries to help a tramp by making him the family butler.
8:32 PM I Led 3 Lives Caviar  
8:58 PM Dick Tracy 06 Dangerous Waters  
9:16 PM The Divorce of Lady X 1938 67 Trapped in London due to the fog, a lawyer grudgingly allows the use of his hotel sitting room by a stranded partygoer
10:48 PM Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc 05  
11:05 PM South of Santa Fe 1942 61 Roy is blamed for the disappearance of three industrialists brought to town to finance the opening of a gold mine.

Week of April 26th

Start time Title  
12:00 AM Law of the West 1932 59 For revenge the outlaw Morgan steals the Carruthers young son. 
12:55 AM Undersea Kingdom Arena of Death 3  
1:15 AM Johnny One Eye 1950 59 Two former partners-in-crime turn on each other when a new district attorney starts investigating an unsolved murder. 
2:33 AM Undersea Kingdom Revenge of the Volkites 4  
2:51 AM Green Eyes 1934 53 The host of a costume party, is found stabbed to death in a closet. 
4:00 AM Ghost of Zorro 01  
4:20 AM High Lonesome 1950 53 When a sudden spurt of murders occurs in the Big Bend country, suspicion immediately falls on a young drifter.
5:41 AM Three Stooges Hairbrained Barbers  
5:48 AM Streamline Express 1935 60 An actress, an eloper, a producer and a drunk liven up a coast-to-coast train.
6:59 AM Christmas Comes But Once a Year 1936  
7:08 AM The Way Ahead 1944 70 A group of conscripts are called up into the infantry during WWII. 
8:59 AM A Fish Family  
9:08 AM The Black Bear Twins  
9:18 AM Tom & Jerry Piano Tooners  
9:31 AM Back Room Boy 1942 56 A lowly BBC employee pulls a prank at the studio and finds himself transferred to an isolated island.
10:50 AM The Age of Steam  
12:00 PM Mr Piper The Magic Horn  
12:07 PM Santa Fe Trail 1940 61 Romantic rivals get caught in the battle to stop abolitionist John Brown.
1:59 PM The House of Rothschild 1934 68 The story of the rise of the Rothschild financial empire founded by Mayer Rothschild and continued by his five sons. 
3:33 PM Take Me Back to Oklahoma 1940 60 Tex Lawton helps save a stagecoach line from being destroyed by an underhanded competitor.
4:37 PM Front Page Story 1954 67 An editor of a London newspaper, has planned a vacation with his wife but stays behind at the last moment due to his hunch that a hot story is going to break.
6:14 PM Mr Piper The Magic Horn  
6:20 PM Great Day 1945 64 An English veteran's wife and daughter prepare for Eleanor Roosevelt's visit to their village.
7:37 PM Undersea Kingdom Prisoners of Alantis 5  
7:55 PM Jack of All Trades 1936 62 A jobless man uses his wits to make his way into big business.
9:09 PM Undersea Kingdom The Juggarnaut Strikes 6  
9:27 PM Kate Plus Ten-Queen of Crime 1938 61 Kate is secretary to Lord Flamborough. But she is also leader of a criminal gang.
10:44 PM Undersea Kingdom The Submarine Trap 7  
11:02 PM Son of the Renegade 1952 67 He Vowed To Clear His Name Or Die Trying! 

Start time Title  
12:00 AM Toll of the Desert 1935 32 When his family is killed by Indians, a bitter cowboy turns into a ruthless hired gunman. 
12:52 AM Desperadoes of the West 12  
1:05 AM Flash Gordon The Breath Of Death  
1:31 AM Prison Shadows 1936 47 Rising young boxing star Gene Harris s sent to prison after one of his opponents dies in the ring.
2:39 AM Don Daredevil Rides Again 12  
2:52 AM Range Rider Hideout  
3:18 AM Eegah 1962 21 A caveman is discovered out in the desert who wreaks havoc on a nearby town.
4:49 AM Tales Of Tomorrow Ice From Space  
5:13 AM The Beatniks 1960 19 A talent agent spots a hippie singer and offers to make him a star.
6:27 AM Case of the Electrical Mystery  
7:25 AM Gold Rush Daze  
7:33 AM Tom & Jerry Barnyard Bunk  
7:39 AM Casper Spooking About Africa 1957  
7:46 AM Biff Baker Grey Market  
8:12 AM Roy Rogers Show Blind Justice 29  
8:39 AM Hudsons Bay Coward  
9:13 AM Old Bill and Son 1941 57 A British veteran tries to re-enlist during World War II after his son joins the military.
10:54 AM The Invisible Man Man In Disguise  
11:21 AM The Rifleman Mail Order Groom  
11:48 AM Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel 1937 52 Through acts of injustice a new heroism is born. 
1:07 PM Beverly Hillbillies The Clampett Look  
1:32 PM Lock up 31  
2:07 PM Johnny Nobody 1961 75 A man claiming to have amnesia gets away with murder when he kills a famous author. 
3:36 PM Ozzie and Harriet Rick Gets Even  
3:59 PM Doggone Tired  
4:06 PM Sherlock Holmes Tyrants Daughter  
4:37 PM Hawk of Powder River 1948 67 Vivian is the Hawk and the secret leader of an outlaw gang.
5:31 PM Trouble With Father Father and Shakespeare  
5:56 PM Bosko Big Man From The North  
6:04 PM Topsoil  
6:14 PM Beverly Hillbillies Grannys Spring Tonic  
6:40 PM Don Winslow of the Navy 12  
7:09 PM Postmark for Danger 1956 62 When a journalist dies, his brother takes up his investigation of a smuggling ring.
8:27 PM Have Gun Will Travel Three Bells to Perdido  
8:53 PM Comin Round The Mountain  
9:00 PM Dateline Europe At the Airport  
9:25 PM Fighting Marines Two Against the Horde 12  
9:42 PM Crime Patrol 1936 52 Bob Neal joins the police force to take advantage of its gym and ends up saving policemen being held hostage.
10:43 PM Flying Disc Man from Mars Chapter 10  
10:59 PM Eight Witnesses 1954 59 A scientist carrying a secret formula is killed by an enemy agent in front of eight blind witnesses.

Start time Title  
12:00 AM Song of the Gringo 1936 50 A U.S. Marshal poses as an outlaw to find his missing father.
1:02 AM Flying Disc Man from Mars Chapter 11  
1:15 AM Mr.and Mrs. North Comic Strip Tease  
1:43 AM The Man Who Changed His Mind 1936 39 A once-respected researcher of the mind and soul goes off the deep end when the scientific community rejects his work.
2:46 AM Great Alaskan Mystery 1  
3:04 AM Follow that Man Washington Story  
3:30 AM No Smoking 1955 54 A scientist invents a pill to cure smokers of their nicotine addiction. 
4:40 AM Jungle Drums of Africa 01  
5:00 AM Ramar of the Jungle The Bride of the Idol  
5:28 AM Chinatown After Dark 1931 46 The female head of a criminal gang in Chinatown is after a valuable jewel.
6:24 AM Our Community  
6:36 AM U.S. Army and the Boy Scouts  
7:05 AM Japoteurs  
7:14 AM ISS Benefits for Humanity- Found at Sea  
7:21 AM Little Audery Song Of The Birds  
7:28 AM Little LuLu Bargain Counter Attack  
7:37 AM Cisco Kid Phoney Heiress  
8:02 AM Flash Gordon Deadline At Noon  
8:29 AM Annie Oakley Bicycle Riders  
8:54 AM Buccaneers Ghost Ship  
9:19 AM Fireball XL5 20 Prisoner on the Lost Planet  
9:52 AM Courageous Dr Christian 1940 60 Moved by the misery of squatters, the goodhearted Dr, Christian decides to build a housing project for them.
10:59 AM The Lucy Show The Monkey  
11:24 AM Mr.and Mrs. North Million Dollar Coffin  
11:53 AM Alimony 1949 59 A conniving woman schemes to become rich by marrying, then divorcing, rich men and collecting big settlements.
1:04 PM Meet Corliss Archer Dexters Surprise Party  
1:30 PM Man With A Camera Blind Spot  
2:00 PM The Limping Man 1953 59 A WWII veteran goes back to England after the war only to discover that his wartime sweetheart has got mixed up with a dangerous spy ring 
3:16 PM The Lucy Show Lucy And John Wayne  
3:41 PM Bugs Bunny Case Of The Missing Hare  
3:50 PM Front Page Detective Seven Seas To Danger  
4:23 PM Billy the Kid's Round Up 1941 When Sheriff Hanley sends for Billy and his pals, they arrive to find him murdered
5:18 PM Battleground WWII Joe Mann  
5:45 PM Betty Boop Boop oop a doop  
5:53 PM Red Skelton Witness For The Persecution  
6:22 PM Jungle Drums of Africa 01  
6:50 PM When Thief Meets Thief - Jump for Glory 1937 A burglar falls in love with one of the women that he robs after she catches him in the act and shoots him.
7:49 PM Roy Rogers Show Knockout 19  
8:15 PM Why Argue  
8:22 PM Dangerous Assignment The Art Treasure Story  
8:47 PM Jungle Jim Into The Lions Den 1 [subtitles]  
9:09 PM Night Work 1930 59 The assistant window dresser for a department store becomes involved with an orphan who may be grandson of a wealthy industrialist.
10:33 PM King of the Carnival 01  
10:55 PM The Night the World Exploded 1957 54 Earthquake experts find trouble at the core, something shaky called E-112.

Start time Title  
12:00 AM Oil Raider 1934 59 Dave Warren and his crew are trying to bring in a new oil well.
1:00 AM Flying Disc Man from Mars Chapter 12  
1:14 AM Racket Squad Kite High  
1:40 AM She Demons 1958 43 An heiress, an explorer and a crewman find a mad scientist who keeps women in bamboo cages.
2:57 AM Great Alaskan Mystery Thundering Doom 2  
3:16 AM Demon Street of Death  
3:43 AM Ring of Terror 1962 15 A spooky college initiation results in death by fright. 
4:48 AM Jungle Jim The Cobra Strikes 2 [subtitles]  
5:08 AM Air Force Stories 04 Between Two Wars  
5:23 AM Midnight 1934 56 A look at capital punishment from the eyes of a jury foreman, hounded by the press and his family after sending a woman to die in the electric chair.
6:37 AM Colors of the Sun  
6:59 AM Popeye Moving Aweigh  
7:06 AM Betty Boop On With The New  
7:13 AM Puppetoon Thunderbolt the Wondercolt  
7:25 AM Jim Bowie Jacksons Assassination  
7:51 AM UltraMan 01  
8:16 AM The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock Savvy the Smart Little Dog  
8:41 AM Annie Oakley Outlaw Brand  
9:09 AM Cisco Kid Railroad Land Rush  
9:44 AM The Last Chance 1945 65 Escaping a Nazi prison train in war-torn Italy, an American and a British soldier set out for the Swiss border
11:18 AM Mr.and Mrs. North Model For Murder  
11:46 AM Life With Elizabeth 10  
12:16 PM Plane Nuts 1933 58 Ted Healy and the Three Stooges perform musical numbers.
12:35 PM The Grill Sergeants High Fiber  
1:03 PM Popeye Little Sweet Pea  
1:10 PM Magicians of India  
1:19 PM CGM HushMoney  
1:50 PM James Dean 1976 65 Writer William Bast rooms with James Dean in acting school and follows his career to its tragic end in 1955.
3:25 PM Ozzie and Harriet Davids Pipe  
3:46 PM Betty Boop My Friend the Monkey  
3:52 PM Maine Barbecue  
4:00 PM Dick Tracy Meets Heelsbeels  
4:29 PM Police Patrol 1933 56 Two lawmen play tricks on each other and compete for women.
5:31 PM Victory At Sea Full Fathom Five  
5:58 PM Superman Terror On The Midway  
6:06 PM Roy Rogers Show Last of the Larabee Kid 46  
6:32 PM Jungle Drums of Africa 02  
6:52 PM Tulsa 1949 62 A cattle owner''s daughter risks everything to drill for oil.
8:21 PM Dragnet The Big Grandma  
8:46 PM Jungle Jim The Cobra Strikes 2 [subtitles]  
9:07 PM B Previews  
9:14 PM The Battle of El Alamein 1969 54  Italian troops battle bravely to their death on a suicide mission while the Germans retreat to safety.
10:50 PM King of the Carnival 02  
11:05 PM Rio Rattler 1935 62 A cowboy and his six-gun see action along the border.

Start time Title  
12:00 AM Airborne 1962 57 A rural lad trains to become a paratrooper at Fort Bragg, N.C.
1:23 AM Great Alaskan Mystery Battle in the Clouds 3  
1:40 AM Sherlock Holmes The Case Of The Red Headed League  
2:08 AM Iron Angel 1964 42 A nurse joins a sergeant's patrol on a search-and-destroy mission in North Korea.
3:30 AM Jungle Drums of Africa 03  
3:44 AM Man with a Camera Girl in the Dark  
4:10 AM Voodoo Man 1944 49 A mad doctor and his helpers lure girls to his lab for brain work, to help his wife.
5:13 AM Lights Out The Faceless Man  
5:36 AM Kangaroo 1952 59 Two criminals ingratiate themselves with a rancher in order to swindle him.
7:01 AM Ghost Rider  
7:17 AM The Pet Shop  
7:28 AM Gumby Mysterious Fires  
7:35 AM Terrytoons Tom Terrific Go West Young Manfred  
7:59 AM Hudsons Bay Martinet  
8:27 AM Annie Oakley Dutch Gunmaker  
8:53 AM Robin Hood Scientist  
9:19 AM Flash Gordon Freezing Torture  
9:48 AM Gullivers Travels 1939 67 A human doctor washes ashore on an island inhabited by little people locked in a foolish war.
11:05 AM Hancock 03 Knighthood  
11:34 AM Robin Hood Makes Good  
11:43 AM Trouble With Father Jackie Knows All  
12:12 PM Big Show Off 1945 64 An owner of the Blue Heaven Club, tries to foster a romance between a shy pianist and a band vocalist 
1:13 PM The Grill Sergeants Spanish  
1:40 PM Meet Corliss Archer Dexter And The Car  
2:06 PM Mr Piper Hasty And The Prince  
2:13 PM The Invisible Man Death Cell  
2:48 PM Back Door to Heaven 1939 66  A boy goes to reform school, turns criminal and escapes to see his old teacher at a class reunion.
4:14 PM Mr.and Mrs. North Two Faced  
4:43 PM Truck Farmer  
4:54 PM Superman Stamp day for Children  
5:14 PM The Sign of Four 1932 59 Holmes and Watson investigate a mysterious man who sent a pearl to a young woman.
6:27 PM Sherlock Holmes Case Of The Blind Mans Bluff  
6:53 PM Fog And Smog  
6:59 PM Jungle Jim The Menacing Herd 3[subtitles]  
7:27 PM Charlie Chan Castle in the Desert 1942 72 Charlie Chan investigates apparent poisonings at a mystery mansion in the Mojave Desert.
8:31 PM Dragnet The Big Winchester  
8:57 PM King of the Carnival 03  
9:13 PM One Frightened Night 1935 61 Relatives vie for an eccentric's millions earmarked for a long-lost granddaughter.
10:20 PM King Of The Rocket Men 01  
10:35 PM Kentucky Rifle 1955 41 A man escorts a wagon load of Kentucky rifles through Indian territory.

Start time Title  
12:00 AM Cowboy from Sundown 1940 54 Drought-plagued ranchers have to sell their cattle at a loss in order to meet mortgage payments to a corrupt banker. 
12:54 AM Great Alaskan Mystery Masked Murder 4  
1:12 AM Robin Hood My Brothers Keeper  
1:37 AM Sound Of Horror 1964 48 An invisible prehistoric monster attacks geologists in an isolated cavern. 
3:08 AM Jungle Drums of Africa 04  
3:21 AM Food Will Win the War  
3:27 AM Radar Secrets  
3:50 AM Bees In Paradise 1944 44 A ferry pilot and his crew make a forced landing on an island in the South Atlantic 
5:02 AM Four Star Playhouse The House Always Wins  
5:28 AM The Wild Party 1929 62 A comely collegian falls for an anthropology professor and accompanies him on a jungle expedition.
6:43 AM Great American Chocolate Factory  
7:11 AM Molly Moo Cow Rip Van Winkle  
7:20 AM Deputy Dawg Penguin Panic 1962  
7:26 AM Molly Moo Cow Robinson Crusoe  
7:38 AM The Adventures of Champion Crossroad Trail  
8:05 AM Robin Hood Ordeal  
8:30 AM UltraMan 13  
8:55 AM Range Rider Blind Trail  
9:20 AM William Tell Gesslers Daughter  
9:49 AM Dragnet Patrol 1931 58 A sailor falls for a gangster's moll, and finds himself caught up in a life of crime.
10:45 AM I Remember Mama 2  
11:16 AM Sheriff of Coshise Mary Jo Is Missing  
11:47 AM Riders Of The Whistling Skull 1937 64 A creepy Western that showcases devil worshiping Indians, walking mummies and lots and lots of cowboys. 
12:40 PM Private Secretary Old Dogs New Tricks  
1:08 PM With Words and Music 1937 63 A gangster revives the careers Gilbert and Sullivan in an elaborate scheme to get back at the girl who rejected him.
2:26 PM Your Hit Parade 06091956  
2:50 PM Fireball XL5 22 Space Vacation  
3:16 PM Dateline Europe The Stolen Bid  
3:50 PM One Too Many 1950 64 A woman seeks help after alcoholism ruins her career and family life.
5:39 PM Life of Riley Gleason Acting Lessons  
6:01 PM Toonerville Picnic  
6:08 PM Boston Blackie Shoot The Works  
6:34 PM Jungle Jim The Killers Herd 4[subtitles]  
7:01 PM Private Buckaroo 1942 55 Nightclub performers Army shows with Harry James and His Music Makers.
8:09 PM Make Room for Daddy 1958 11 17  
8:39 PM Four Star Playhouse Meet Mcgraw  
9:05 PM King of the Carnival 04  
9:22 PM Great God Gold 1935 69 A reporter and a victim's daughter expose a financier fronting for crooked lawyers.
10:32 PM King Of The Rocket Men 02  
10:49 PM The Cowboy and the Indians 1949 66 Evil Indian Agent Richards is cheating the Indians into starvation. Gene shows that their raids are only for survival.

Start time Title  
12:00 AM Law Men 1944 60 Johnny is a marshall who infiltrates a bank robbery gang.
12:54 AM Gang Busters 10  
1:11 AM The Invisible Man The Big Plot  
1:37 AM Mutiny 1952 51 A wealthy playboy winds up getting himself involved with mobsters and a search for buried treasure.
2:54 AM Gang Busters 11  
3:12 AM Decoy The Sound Of Tears  
3:39 AM Catch Me a Spy 1971 51 A French bride tries to swap a Romanian waiter for her husband, arrested by the Soviets as a spy.
5:13 AM Daughter of Don Q 09  
5:26 AM Ozzie and Harriet Breakfast For Harriet  
5:50 AM Rainbow Over Broadway 1933 54 An ex-vaudeville performer makes a come-back, and threatens to thwart the ambitions of her song-writing step-children.
6:42 AM Ahead Above the Clouds  
7:11 AM Smal lTown Sherrif  
7:17 AM Betty Boop Ker Choo  
7:32 AM Clutch Cargo Pipeline To Danger  
7:53 AM Mr Piper The Proud Princess  
8:01 AM Annie Oakley Amature Outlaws  
8:27 AM Fireball XL5 23 Mystery of the TA2  
8:52 AM Cisco Kid Phoney Sherrif  
9:17 AM Wooden Money  
9:24 AM Robin Hood The Oath  
9:49 AM Jungle Book 1942 67 A boy raised by wolves adjusts to life among humans.
11:35 AM My Little Margie Margie and the Shah  
12:06 PM Return of the Whistler 1948 64 When a woman goes missing on the eve of her wedding, her fiancee hires a detective to track her down. 
1:14 PM Ramar of the Jungle The Tigers Claw  
1:41 PM The Lost Planet 05  
1:57 PM Air Devils 1938 51 Two daredevil pilots go after the same girl.
2:59 PM Ozzie and Harriet The Rivals  
3:24 PM Popeye Customers Wanted  
3:31 PM Sergeant Preston Justice at Goneaway Creek  
3:57 PM The Lost Planet 11  
4:18 PM Where Theres A Will 1936 65 A solicitor becomes party to a bank robbery.
5:35 PM Red Skelton 04  
6:00 PM Small Fry  
6:08 PM Lock up 5  
6:34 PM Dick Tracy 01 The Spider Strikes  
7:08 PM A Matter of Who 1961 63  A medical detective discovers the origin of a smallpox epidemic that is killing people.
8:39 PM Betty Boop Making Stars  
8:46 PM Richard Diamond Rodeo  
9:12 PM Dick Tracy 07 The Ghost Town Mystery  
9:33 PM Doughnuts and Society 1936 69 When a woman suddenly becomes very wealthy, she leaves her doughnut shop partner and heads for high society.
10:42 PM Dick Tracy 14 The Devil In White  
11:03 PM No Mans Range 1935 68 A Young Cowboy Finds Himself Caught Between Two Families Involved In A Range War. 

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