Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM Blackhawk 10    
12:15 AM The Hat Box Mystery 1947 55 The girlfriend of a struggling private eye is framed for murder   The Hat Box Mystery (1947) on IMDb  
12:59 AM One Step Beyond The Dark Room    
1:24 AM The Black Coin Flaming Guns 10    
1:47 AM Curse of the Swamp Creature 1966 24 A mad scientist is conducting experiments on the locals deep in the rural swamps of Texas.    Curse of the Swamp Creature 
(1966) on IMDb
3:09 AM Fractured Flickers 03    
3:35 AM Women In The Night 1948 48 The war in Europe is over, but a group of Nazis are protecting an ingenious invention of mass destruction Women in the Night (1948) on IMDb  
5:07 AM Racket Squad Check and Double Check    
5:32 AM Morning Call - The Strange Case of Dr Manning 1957 30 A wealthy wife tries to pay a ransom demanded of her and keep Scotland Yard from messing up the deal.  The Strange Case of Dr. Manning 
(1957) on IMDb
6:46 AM Birds of the Inland Waterways    
6:56 AM Butcher, Baker, Ice Cream Maker EDU    
7:08 AM Carnivorous Plants    
7:19 AM Little Brown Jug    
7:29 AM Jack Frost    
7:38 AM Old MacDonald Had A Farm    
7:51 AM Robin Hood Deserted Castle    
8:17 AM Hudsons Bay Coward    
8:45 AM Cattle Stampede 1943 63 A gang of cattle rustlers challenge Billy The Kid and his pal Fuzzy.  Cattle Stampede (1943) on IMDb  
9:42 AM Ozzie and Harriet David The Law Clerk    
10:09 AM Machine Gun Mama 1944 40 Two truckers from Brooklyn set out for Mexico with their pet elephant for some south-of-the-border excitement.  Machine Gun Mama 
(1944) on IMDb  
11:09 AM Wagon Train The Malachi Hobart Story    
11:58 AM Betty Boop Bamboo Isle    
12:06 PM Meet Corliss Archer Harry Tells Dex How It Is    
12:40 PM Last of the Warrens 1936 68 While a fighter pilot is in WWI, his friend back home steals his ranch, his cattle, and his girl.  Last of the Warrens 
(1936) on IMDb  
1:36 PM Jack Benny New Years Eve    
2:02 PM Betty Boop In Blunderlad    
2:10 PM Have Gun Will Travel Three Bells to Perdido    
2:43 PM Caught In the Draft 1941 69 A movie star who can't stand loud noises accidentally joins the Army...  Caught in the Draft (1941) on IMDb  
4:06 PM Mr Ed    
4:31 PM Little Red Riding Hood    
4:40 PM Univ Newsreel 122744    
4:48 PM Gang Busters The Scissors Gang    
5:17 PM Wake Me When the War is Over 1969 54 A baroness hides an American pilot and keeps him in the dark about World War II. Wake Me When the War Is Over (1969) on IMDb  
6:32 PM Battleground WWII The Grey Geese    
6:59 PM Dragnet The Big Break    
7:25 PM Blackhawk 10    
7:48 PM Santa Fe Marshal 1940 74 Cassidy goes undercover as a traveling medicine show mind reader to discover who the ringleader of a small town band of outlaws is.  Santa Fe Marshal 
(1940) on IMDb  
8:54 PM The Black Coin Flaming Guns 10    
9:17 PM The Case of the Frightened Lady 1940 64 A young lady working in a gothic mansion is terrified for her life as strange things happen. The Case of the Frightened Lady (1938) on IMDb  
10:35 PM The Miracle Rider Signal Fires 10    
10:59 PM The Live Wire 1935 51 A sailor and archaeologists discover the temples of a lost civilization. The Live Wire (1935) on IMDb  

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